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Getting your CBD ads on Facebook is quite a challenge. Here are some things you need to know to successfully do it. Promoting CBD ads on Facebook can be difficult when you’re not used to jumping through hoops. We make the process simple and easy. Click to learn how-to!

What You Should Know About Promoting CBD with Facebook Ads

In 2020, the global size of the CBD market was valued at USD 2.8 billion with an estimated growth rate of 21.2% until 2028. CBD has been gaining popularity for its therapeutic potential without the psychoactive effects

Can you advertise your CBD products on Facebook?

If you’re wondering whether your CBD product would have a chance on Facebook ads, the answer is absolutely a YES. Keep in mind though that getting your CBD ad approved would be a little tricky and you run the risk of getting your account deleted if your ad was rejected.

Facebook advertising policies you need to know

Although the grip on hemp products has lately loosened up quite a bit, there is still a certain amount of ambiguity in CBD as food or medication. This uncertainty makes it difficult for advertisers to have CBD products show up on Facebook’s native ads.

Facebook’s advertising policy does not explicitly state that CBD is prohibited, however, if you’ve ever tried to run an ad on cannabis, hemp, or CBD, you would understand the difficulty of having it approved.

How to display your CBD ads on Facebook

Getting your brand ads on Facebook is possible, however, you just need to make a few adjustments so you can have it approved.

Like how Google does it, Facebook also uses bots to crawl upon every word that is posted on the social media platform, including advertisements. This only means that the keywords you use could make or break your ad’s chance to show up on the social network’s timeline.

What to do if your ads were not approved by Facebook

Despite all your effort to keep the forbidden words out of the way of getting your ad approved, there may be instances that Facebook would still reject your advertisement. The first thing to do is check your landing page and make sure it does not mention CBD oil. Facebook bots can crawl upon your page and get your ad rejected if it mentions CBD.

5 organic ways to promote your CBD brand

Working around Facebook’s ad policies can sometimes be a roller coaster ride. In addition to paid advertising on the social network’s platform, you can also promote your CBD brand organically on Facebook with these ideas:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is probably one of the most effective means to promote your CBD brand organically. Even though this method can sometimes be a tough nut to crack, SEO might be more cost-effective than paying for marketing ads. Just a keep in mind though that although you won’t have to worry about going against any marketing rules about CBD, FDA also looks into keywords when validating health claims of products online.

2. Work with an influencer

Among all segments in the marketing industry today, influencer marketing has demonstrated the fastest growth in the past years. According to research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), 65% of global brands are aiming to spend more on influencer marketing in the coming months.

3. Partner with a CBD agency

Working with a CBD marketing agency can make a huge difference between grappling with your own online marketing activities and winning the CBD market. Running your business while keeping yourself updated with the current regulations can be a strain. It would be great to have a reliable CBD agency such as Icarus Digital Marketing who are the experts in the CBD market and help you out with your brand’s visibility.

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4. Affiliate marketing

One of the most trusted forms of marketing nowadays is affiliate marketing. With this type of marketing, brands connect with influencers to promote the product across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Some of the benefits when going with affiliate marketing are :

  • Cost is lower
  • Traffic is targeted
  • Flexibility
  • Significant ROI

Digital content can be a valuable tool in promoting CBD online. One of the content marketing tactics employed by agencies or businesses is to offer lead magnets – a piece of digital content – in exchange for the prospect’s contact information such as their email addresses.

Even with Facebook’s stringent standards on CBD advertising, it has always been possible to get your CBD ads approved. However, you can reduce the risk of getting your Facebook ads rejected by following the tips discussed above.

How to Promote CBD Ads on Facebook? Tips for Best Practices

You see it everywhere: CBD gummies, CBD sleep aides, CBD supplements and oils, or anything CBD you can imagine with any kind of shelf life.


  • Can My CBD Business Benefit from Putting CBD Ads on Facebook?
  • Navigating Regulations for CBD Ads on Facebook
  • What is Native Advertising on Facebook?
  • Promoting CBD Ads on Facebook: Best Practices
  • What Can I Do If Facebook Won’t Approve My CBD Ads Campaign?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can You Do CBD Ads on Facebook?
    • Can You Promote CBD Oil on Facebook Ads?
    • Will I Ever Be Able to Mention CBD in My Facebook Ads?
    • How Can I Organically Market CBD on Facebook?

    No longer some kind of “hippie” product, CBD has made its debut on multiple stores shelves, on Amazon and elsewhere across the web and globe. So WHY on , (or some choice language) is it so difficult to promote CBD ads on Facebook?

    The answer, of course, lies in the Facebook advertising policy.

    You see, it wasn’t until the 2018 Farm Bill that Cannabis and CBD was even recognized as a non-illegal product, but even with the introduction of the bill, Facebook has yet to update their ads policy, leaving us with only a small and specific subset of ads that make it past the checkpoint.

    Thanks to it being incredibly difficult to get anything through the ever watchful eye of Facebook, we decided to make it easier on everyone and create a guide detailing EXACTLY what you needed to do to get those CBD ads rolling on Facebook.

    Ready? Let’s roll.

    Can My CBD Business Benefit from Putting CBD Ads on Facebook?

    If you sell CBD products, the answer is yes, but for the more technically-minded individuals reading, allow me to explain.

    A study done in mid 2019 revealed that a whopping 40% of individuals ages 18-29 have used CBD at some point in the past or were current users.

    It also found that 15% of individuals aged 60 and older had also tried or were current CBD users.

    This means that on average 64 million Americans have tried or are currently using CBD.

    And 75% of the businesses with CBD as an offering are owned by women.

    In addition, 40% of Americans are interested in trying CBD.

    With numbers like this, it’s no surprise that businesses are getting in on the hype. However, when it comes to MARKETING CBD, things get (a lot) more complicated.

    It’s no surprise either that the BEST place to market CBD products is online. 1) Because the population that happens to be the biggest users spend a majority of their time plugged in online and 2) it’s the perfect platform for getting in front of your buyers in the most thumb-stopping way possible. Literal magic.

    The thing is, even with the internet playing a key role as the leading CBD sales channel with over 60% of the whole market being online, CBD business owners like you have a million hoops they’re required to jump through when it comes to CBD advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

    And that’s where we come in. Let’s get your CBD ads rolling!

    Navigating Regulations for CBD Ads on Facebook

    While it’s not exactly contraband anymore, there’s still a lot of uncertainty around CBD as a health or food related product, which can make it difficult for advertisers to use native advertising placement.

    What is Native Advertising on Facebook?

    In short, Native ads on Facebook are ads that blend in and reflect the content around them.

    Native ads exist within the news feed on both Facebook and Twitter, as well as a select other few websites and apps.

    Yes, Native ads are often criticized as a medium for social paid advertising because it can feel as if the network or advertisers are deliberately deceiving users into believing that the paid advertising placements are actually organic content.

    But the truth is that consumers are actually pretty comfortable with both the practice and the concept with a few exceptions:

    • They need to be from trustworthy brands
    • They need to be relevant

    Because CBD ads can benefit from being sandwiched between other health and medicinal posts, it can be difficult to get wording and imaging that is approved to use on the Facebook platform.

    CBD Ads on Facebook: Best Practices
    • List GENERAL benefits for CBD products and ALWAYS avoid making medical claims, especially serious ones. However, if you need a work-around, you can cite medically-backed sources like those found in the U.S. National Library of Medicine and/or the National Institutes of Health. Both are great options.
    • The Farm Bill requires each State to submit its own hemp regulation plan so that it can be approved for sales going forward. Unfortunately, not all States have done this yet, so pay attention to your local laws.
    • Building trust with consumers should always be your priority. You can do this by testing for contaminants, proving the quality of your CBD, being locally sourced or even calling for lab-results that can properly showcase the CBD percentages in your products. This is a good step to take now, but it’ll also play hugely in your favor at the point that CBD is fully legal.
    • While you CAN advertise CBD on Facebook, you CANNOT mention the products in your ads.
    • Refrain from using CBD within a domain name.
    • If needed, you can create a new Facebook account. Leave any CBD-related promotion or information off of the page.
    • This is complicated, but you’ll need to find creative ways to describe your products to your customers.
    • CBD images are currently allowed if they don’t mention CBD.
    • Target audiences who have an interest in “hemp oil”
    • Replace “CBD” with “Natural Plant-Based Remedies” anywhere in your ad creative and copy.
    What Can I Do If Facebook Won’t Approve My CBD Ads Campaign?

    Double check that your landing page does NOT mention CBD oil. If you need to, disconnect any correlation between the landing page and your main website. If it says CBD, it can be crawled by Facebook ad bots and it will be rejected.

    If you have a track record when it comes to rejected ads, this could play against you when it comes to getting CBD ads approved.

    Sometimes, improving your chances could be as easy as having an agency with a good track record publish your ads. Other times, this can look like taking a break from CBD and hemp related advertising and focusing on something else for awhile.

    Remember: when it comes to hemp ad policy and CBD and Facebook ads, you run the risk of having your account deleted whenever you get rejected. You can combat this by making certain that you’re doing what we described above: focusing on other things when possible to keep your track record positive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Just in case we’ve been amiss in answering all of your questions around CBD Facebook ads or hemp advertising laws, this section is just for you.

    Can You Do CBD Ads on Facebook?

    The short answer is “yes!” CBD ads, while tricky, are still very doable- and we would know! We’ve promoted CBD products for a multitude of our clients with great success. All it takes is following the rules and best practices we’ve described above, and making sure we’re being attentive to other ads as well to keep the spotlight off of any and all rejected ads.

    And yes, sometimes even when you follow every rule to the letter, your ads will be rejected. You can combat this by asking for a review or discussing with a Facebook partner.

    Can You Promote CBD Oil on Facebook Ads?

    Just like with any other CBD topical product, the answer is yes. Just don’t make serious medical claims and/or mention CBD in the ads at all. Opt for words like “Naturally derived ingredients” or “plant sourced ingredients” instead.

    Will I Ever Be Able to Mention CBD in My Facebook Ads?

    With hemp becoming medically and fully legal across the US, there’s been increasing pressure for Facebook to open the gates when it comes to their CBD ads policy. We believe that given time, Facebook is going to cave and make our lives a little easier.

    How Can I Organically Market CBD on Facebook?

    When it comes to what you can post on Facebook organically, there are much fewer limits, making it totally acceptable to market CBD on your business page.

    You’ll be able to utilize the words “CBD” and “Hemp” in your copy, as well as include it in your ad creative.

    Because this is the case, any standard social media marketing blueprint for business will do when it comes to making a plan for CBD marketing. However, we’d still recommend not making medical claims for the moment.

    Looking to learn more? Join our Facebook social media marketing group or read more incredibly insightful social media paid advertising information HERE.

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