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Maybe you can use it in the recruitment examination.After hearing An Hua s sincere suggestion, the old master Jiang s wife nodded her thanks again and again.As for An Hua, he left the playground early after saying goodbye to the projectionist.Of course, her heart was also in a tangle because she thought about the college entrance examination. When he first crossed over, Anwar thought about taking the college entrance examination to gain knowledge and education.Only now, she is already the captain of a team.Moreover, in terms of knowledge, she has read many useful engineering books for more than a year.As far as her knowledge reserve is concerned, she can pass the college entrance examination that will be started at the end of the year without any review.Only, if she takes the college entrance examination and goes to college.

The author has something to say Update Chapter 145 Determine the sub point The public beach is very lively, and before Anwar gets close, he can hear the lively sound.The sunset is still warm.And several sunsoil CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears restaurants on the other side of the public beach have already lit up all kinds of colorful lights.At this time, the colors of the lanterns were relatively rigid, but with so many lights of different colors on, it was a rare Western scene for people of this era.An Hua walked how much CBD oil for dog with arthritis CBD Oil For Blocked Ears into one of the restaurants amid Cui Jingping s sighs from time to time.There are various people in the how to make CBD tincture with mct oil restaurant.Of course, most of them are nationals.The rest are partly blond, brown haired and brown eyed foreigners.Some of these foreigners came to Shanhai City to discuss business.Some are crew members of ships docking CBD Oil For Blocked Ears at Shanhai Pier.

After the dinner was over, the eight drivers were arranged to rest in the guest house.Director Gao himself was leading Secretary Yao, preparing to inspect the goods sent by 100mg CBD oil for pain the Hexi City convoy even overnight.Anwar doesn t know what Director Gao did tonight.All she knew was that tomorrow was the 14th.The sailing date is 15 00 on the 15th.For this large order in Sanhua Province, three teams are responsible for transportation.Today, Director Gao has completed the exit formalities for their two teams.In the afternoon, the goods transported by the provincial motor team had been delivered to the ship one after another.Tomorrow morning, it will be can CBD oil cause seizures CBD Oil For Blocked Ears white label organic CBD oil their turn to transport the convoy s cargo.Anwar has never tried to drive a truck from the dock gate and enter the place where the ship is docked.This feeling should be quite spectacular.

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What s more polite, this time if I can really get the big fish out, I ll remember your merit.Ji Hongshan just wanted to roll his eyes when he heard it.Why is this surnamed Gao so attentive to his apprentice His apprentice would not jump into the complicated place of the CBD oil containers CBD Oil For Blocked Ears Provincial Import and Export Corporation.Anwar was so busy with planning these days that he almost forgot his original intention of joining the delegation.Thinking of going to the venue tomorrow to take a look, she is full of expectations.At the same time, the old man Cai from the South Flower Market also started to leave.With his daughter Cai Jinmei and granddaughter Li Jianxue, the three bulk CBD oil prices CBD Oil For Blocked Ears of them got on the train to the Winter Flower Market.Once there, they will transfer to inter provincial passenger buses and go directly to their destination, Yangcheng.

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He came here to investigate whether the content of the report letter is true.When he learned from the CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears leader of the transportation company that Comrade Anhua was just a female driver who had just started working, he felt that there should be no problem with this lesbian.However, big CBD oil companies when he saw this thick stack of personnel files, he was shocked.How does this look like a resume that a person who has been working for more than a year can have The things recorded on this file made him admire and even feel a little ashamed.He, who has been working for 10 years, has how long does CBD oil last for dogs not as rich a resume as Comrade Anhua has in just one year.Is it difficult, is this the difference between people who go out to work and those who work in the office In particular, on the resume, he assisted the XX best CBD oil sacramento police station and arrested XX suspects he acted bravely, saved the lives of foreign guests, and prevented a diplomatic turmoil took the initiative to assist XX customs and cracked the case of transnational foreign exchange fraud In his life, it can be regarded as a major event that can only be seen in the newspapers.

The characteristics CBD Oil For Blocked Ears how long is CBD oil good for after opening of these state owned fleets are small in scale, remote locations, and the kind that have no orders in the cities where they are located.As a driver in such a unit, there is basically no work.However, the salary received every month is pitiful.It is normal strong CBD oil to buy for drivers to quit their jobs and run private cars.Two best CBD oil for bpd months later, the autumn wind just blew.The province issued the second notice, that is, to integrate the fleets of major cities in can CBD oil help with memory loss the whole body.As one of the relevant units of this integration operation, Nanhua City No.1 Transportation Company and Nanhua City No.2 Transportation Company bear the brunt.The first transportation company in Nanhua City, the main types of CBD oil uk CBD Oil For Blocked Ears motor vehicles are trucks and buses.And the second transportation company in Nanhua City, the main motor vehicles are trucks and various special vehicles.

Such a submissive attitude CBD oil types CBD Oil For Blocked Ears further shows that there was a problem with yesterday s traffic accident. Manager Gao arrived at the aquafuse CBD oil Shanhai Hotel at around 6 pm.However, as soon as the others settled down, they were directly blocked by Ji Hongshan and Captain Wu in the hotel.It was at this time that he saw An Hua who cgc CBD oil was following the two old boys.An Hua, I haven t seen each other for a long time.How s your team s recent orders After Manager Gao greeted An Hua, he looked at Ji Hongshan and Captain Wu It s not that bad when the meeting starts.Come on I ve just arrived, so come to block me.An Hua looked at Manager Gao, and then at Secretary Yao with a briefcase beside him.I was a little disappointed that Sister Zhong was not found.But business matters.She said directly Manager Gao, I asked Master and Captain Wu to bring me here.

The word turbulence made Director Lu understand what An Hua didn t say.The Big Four is a large shipping company.There are CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears at least 300 drivers and office workers alone.Plus more than 100 trucks and semi trailers.If the drivers really make trouble, the battle will ellevet CBD oil reviews not be small.After thinking about this, Director Lu hung up the phone and immediately started to contact other relevant departments to try to solve this problem.And An Hua, at this time, thought that Director Lu could handle this matter well.Therefore, after putting down the phone, she did not follow up on this matter, but re engaged in her busy work.Until three days later, when she heard the news of the conflict between the driver and the company of the four major transportation companies, she couldn t recover.Sun best CBD oil for migraines reddit Kai, I heard it right In the office of the Nanhua City Safety 3000 mg CBD oil canada Transportation Company, An Hua CBD oil cause dry mouth CBD Oil For Blocked Ears was working.

His uncle, Comrade Ji Hongshan, arrived in Sanhua Province with his daughter, brother, and sister in law.When An Hua heard the news, he was a little dumbfounded.It s not a good year, why are all the members of the Lao Ji family dispatched An Hua could only tell Sun Kai to watch the team temporarily, and she had to go back to the South Flower Market.Because, Ji Mingcheng said on the phone.Except for Ji Hongshan, the other three people from the old Ji family will go directly back to the South Flower Market by car on the same day.When Anhua finished some things in Shanhai City, he hurried back to Nanhua Market.The three members of Lao Ji s family were already sitting in their yard.The Ji family s parents were holding a child alone, happily reluctant to let go.On the other hand, her own parents were 900 mg CBD oil capsules talking to Ji Mingcheng s sister in law at the side.

Require.Sun Hai leaned on the back of CBD oil for blocked fallopian tubes the chair with a half smiling smile Since you have come to find me, I believe you have some confidence in yourself.I can also see your ability.Over the years, your safety rate for driving has been the highest in the world.One of the tallest people in the CBD honey oil transport team.Moreover, he also actively leads those young people on missions.You can rest assured that your performance, the leaders have seen it.As long as you keep it up, I believe that you will achieve what you want The suggestive words made Li Dalong s eyes light up.After planning for a year, it finally came to an end.Great Sun Hai looked at Li Dalong s very calm expression, but his face shook slightly, and he could see how excited he was at the moment.Get excited Be happy biovelle CBD coconut oil reviews Go crazy There is not much time breath CBD oil left for you Sun Hai snorted coldly in his heart.

As soon as these words came out, everyone present was shocked.Sure enough, the application was blocked.Moreover, it seems that the other party seems to have a lot of background.He didn t want to block you.It s just that an old comrade inadvertently said that the management of your transportation company in Nanhua City is chaotic the financial situation is unclear the trucks have problems of public use It has been pressing without approval.Someone in the transportation buy CBD oil austria department of your Nanhua City should be aware of this matter.When Anwar heard CBD oil uk rugby this, he was sure that someone was playing tricks is hemp oil the same as CBD CBD Oil For Blocked Ears on their transportation company behind their backs.And the old comrade in the other side s mouth is obviously the culprit.However, as long as you know these things yourself These two documents are very detailed.

Including the service content that the terminal can provide, as well as the binding terms for the docked ships.For a terminal, only by signing berthing agreements with different ship owning companies, can the follow up ship docking, unloading, loading and other operations be carried out.Therefore, ships can be regarded as one of the main sources of income for the terminal to some extent.The rest is the management fee paid by the truck side entering the terminal.When such an important foreign guest came, Anwar could only take a step back.Of course, 25 ppm CBD oil An Hua mark hyman CBD oil didn t sit on Sun Hai s side either.Seeing that there is a lot of time, I simply Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears asked Sun Hai for some daily docking ship data and cargo throughput records at the terminal.This kind of record, when there is no Internet, is very precious.The international terminal of later generations will publish a lot of detailed data of the terminal on its official website.

The company s new driver.She made this information about the first transportation company.Obviously, Sun Hai s alkp blood test CBD oil answer surprised the other party even more.It s the first time I ve seen a female driver in this city.It s good.Lesbians should have their own careers.Then, the Gao comrade asked a lot of questions about the transportation of trucks.Anwar basically can answer.Occasionally some are too professional, and Sun Hai will add a sentence or two later.This surprised An Hua, she thought that the other CBD oil on penis party would not ask too deeply.After several questions and answers, Comrade Gao said Actually, I have seen your CBD oil jehovah witness application a long time ago.However, some things are hard to say.I can only tell you that it will definitely be approved by me.In fact, The application form of your two companies is the last one to sign.

Apart from them, all the staff in the office were called out.Gathered together in the open space.The order of reading starts from the administrative department, the personnel department, and the logistics department, and finally the key positions such as the team captain and the director and deputy director are read out.Familiar or unfamiliar names came out of Sun Hai s mouth, and the people standing below were a little happy full spectrum CBD oil tincture CBD Oil For Blocked Ears and a little dazed.For a time, it can be said that there are all kinds of living beings.When the name of the team captain was announced, many people thought that it would be Anwar s name.It s just that when the unfamiliar name came into the ears of the Yuanyi Company, everyone burst into a commotion.Many people have their eyes on Anwar, trying to get an answer to a question from her.

Looking at the table full of meat dishes, An Hua felt a little exaggerated.Ji Hongshan and Sun Hai were also invited to participate in this celebration.Of course, there are three young men, Sun Kai, Ling Haiyang and Su Mingkang.Even An Hua s cheap apprentice Cui Jingping came over.Everyone sat together to eat and drink, it was very lively.An Hua, I m not going to call you Captain An in the future Sun Kai, after his stomach was full, his mouth began to balabala.An Hua glanced at him Do you call Uncle Sun the director or dad Sun Kai choked CBD oil dropper bottles empty out the soda from his mouth.Haha Ling Haiyang and Su Mingkang couldn t help laughing when they saw this.Sun Kai rolled his eyes and asked again, Brother Ji, why didn t you come to celebrate together You re the only one talking.An Hua glared at him.As for Ji Mingcheng, of course, because he 2500mg 30ml pure CBD oil thc free tincture topical recently received a new research project, he has already immersed himself in work.

In the end, Section Chief You could only cough twice and say, Comrade An Hua, let s stop fighting this Tai Chi.As soon as these words came out, everyone in the conference room smiled slightly.An Hua s face also began to relax.I thought CBD restoring facial oil to myself, the patience of this Section Chief You had run out, and the following questions should be sorted 1 000mg CBD oil out neatly.Sure enough, Section Chief You finally got to the point after saying 6 000mg 10ml CBD oil this We, Nanhua City Transportation Bureau, received a report letter about Comrade Anhua, the first transportation company in Nanhua City some time ago.The content ultrasonic CBD oil processing equipment of the letter is mainly about Regarding Comrade Anwar s acceptance of bribes.As soon as these words does CBD oil show up in a hair follicle came out, Anwar simply didn effect of CBD oil t know what to say.She is like this, who would bribe her However, she affordable CBD oil near me CBD Oil For Blocked Ears was patient and continued to wait for the other party to speak.

If her ears hadn t made a mistake, the place where the sound Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears of the wooden barn was made just now CBD full spectrum oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears overlapped with the position of the talking boss.This means that the boss has the wooden warehouse in how to use cannaverda CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears his hands.And according to the behavior of these eight people, if they had other wooden warehouses, they would have taken CBD Oil For Blocked Ears them out long CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears ago.It s not going to be enough just to scare them CBD oil smoke shops near me out with CBD Oil For Blocked Ears a handful.Even Anwar can guess that the other party has not many bullets.Otherwise, it would not be so easy to talk, and I would 250mg CBD oil for animals discuss it with them.The more this happens, the calmer Anwar becomes.She needs to confirm the position of the boss again, and then hit the person with one blow.Is it okay if we leave now An Hua s trembling voice sounded from the darkness.The crisp female voice has a vibrato, and everyone who hears it will mistakenly think that the other best CBD oil canada for cancer party is very scared now.

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Of course, the three brigades of the entire No.1 Transportation Company also spread the word about her with the flow of drivers this morning.By the time Anhua raised her head best CBD oil with thc for cancer from a pile of wrenches, jacks, screwdrivers, electric welders and other tools at noon, she had already become a red man of the first transportation company.This kind of red, which started from the maintenance team, continued until she returned home.On the road, the drivers she met all cast a disapproving or strange look at her.The few female employees I met patted her on the shoulder and asked her to cheer up and cheer her up for the female compatriots.When she finally returned to the staff building, she ushered in a new round of light waves.Ouch, our Anda driver is off work Yin and Yang were weird, without looking, An Hua knew it was Ms.

Then best CBD oil arthritis he said to the office workers Why are you standing there stupidly Hurry up and go to work Don t let anyone catch the problem and know about it Pharaoh, can i give my dog CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears in the summer, you are taking Mucang medicine.Can t do it What are you doing when you talk I don t like you when I come to visit Wang Shuikou was still in the mood to say something to Sun Hai.However, the mess that happened at home recently made him devastated, and he wanted to CBD oil for emotional regulation Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears kill with a knife.How could he be in the mood to go around in circles with Sun Hai.Sun Hai, if you have something to say, hurry up and let 1000 mg CBD oil review it go.I don t have time to talk nonsense with you Seeing Wang Shuikou s lack of face, the Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears blue veins on Sun Hai s forehead jumped, afraid to give cat CBD oil and the two captains who had already sat down peeked at the confrontation The employees looked straight.

Hear things for yourself.At the moment, he also put down the majesty of his own captain and said relaxedly, Jin Miao told you about this An Hua was not surprised by CBD Oil For Blocked Ears Sun Hai s keenness, and nodded.Although Sister Jin didn t say much, An Hua found a job opportunity from her words.Uncle Sun, you know, my dad s legs will be fitted with prosthetics.When he can walk, retirement is unrealistic at his age, but many people outside can t find jobs.I guess it will be more difficult.I heard what Sister Jin said, I want you to hire a temporary worker to share the work with her.In this buy thrive skin care with CBD oil case, can you consider hiring my dad Sister Jin s usual work mainly adding CBD oil to nicotine vape focuses on accounting.Every time the driver needs to use the food stamps and fuel stamps for long distance trips, she needs to calculate them in advance.In addition to these, she also needs to record the freight sent by the commissioning unit.

As soon as this matter came out, everyone s utah CBD oil eyes on An Hua Best CBD Oil For Anxiety And Stress CBD Oil For Blocked Ears changed again.To say that I was curious about An Hua before, it was more from her different gender than others.However, after listening to the words of the Yangcheng driver.There was prime rx CBD oil price a strange sense of pride in their hearts.This Comrade An has brought glory to their entire group of drivers.Later, someone outside said that their drivers were well developed and simple minded.They will definitely take out Anwar s deeds and go back directly.An Hua also unknowingly, among the national logistics practitioners, began to gradually have his own reputation.Anwar best rated CBD oil for cancer didn t know the flying thoughts of the drivers below.Anwar just followed the instructions and came to power.Then, with bright eyes, he looked at Director Liu, who was the supervisor, standing beside the lottery box.

After they delivered the goods, they immediately went to the seaside to purchase the goods.After the goods arrive, you can rush back along the old road.While driving, sell part of the goods on hand as usual.If you can t sell it, bring it back and sell it slowly.Early the next morning, with the help of Cai Jinmei, Li Dalong wrapped a few laps of Scotch tape around his waist.Bring all the 100,000 yuan that I have earned this year.After watching Li Dalong take his good brothers, one by one climbed into the truck and left.An Hua stood in the corner, listening to the conversation of the three elders present, and began to look forward to the moment when the other party was caught, looking desperate.Five days later, Anhua best CBD oil in india and his four novice drivers finally received the probationary driver s license issued by the Transportation Bureau in Captain Sun s office.

He walked to the back with his feet erratic, found Sun Kai, told him the matter, and explained that he was waiting in the car by the way.Seeing him like this, Sun Kai laughed unceremoniously Haha, brother Xiaolu.Don t how to take CBD oil be like this, don t compare yourself to An Hua, compare yourself to me.We can t compare An Hua s great strength Lu Wu reached out and touched the tip of his nose and smiled shyly.Anwar didn t know what the CBD oils in ft worth tx two companions were saying at the moment.After throwing the first stone into the pit, I found that it had been delayed for more than ten minutes.Today is too busy to waste time.Thinking like this, she quickened her action.And Lu Wu also ran back at this time An Hua, I m here to help.Let s make it faster together.Soon, a few minutes passed, and a big hole was finally filled.Brother Xiaolu, how did you think this pit came from Lu Wu had some guesses in his heart, but he thought it was unlikely.

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In the end, the driver list was chosen by Sun Hai and An Hua together.After sending off the team to Yangcheng, An Hua began to work on the welfare of the driver.In May, Anwar started giving out heat subsidies best CBD oil with nicotine to drivers.Of Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears course, there is no such word as high temperature subsidy at this time.However, when Anwar has a sufficient budget, CBD Oil For Blocked Ears he distributes heatstroke prevention packages to drivers every month.The things in the 30 CBD oil or 50 gift best CBD vape oil 1000 mg pack are not very precious, they are sunstroke prevention pills that can be purchased by some units, as well as drinks such as soft drinks.The transportation team s offering of such benefits, of course, made the bus team next door jealous.Therefore, when Wang Shuikou was compared by An Hua, he seemed very incompetent.None of the bus drivers do not CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears envy the big bus next door.

After An Hua entered, he took a few glances and found that it was indeed a handicraft workshop.These rice noodles are all cooked and dried by hand, without any machine.Director Lai understood An Hua s expression, and said cheerfully, We are handmade rice noodles, and we are famous in every country and town.Even the state run restaurant in the CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears city went to our factory to get the goods An Hua nodded, express approval.This factory is indeed a bit famous, even she has heard of it.At this time, the person in charge of the factory has come over.After listening to Director Lai s introduction, he exchanged a few words with An Hua.Upon seeing this, Director Lai wisely said that he was going bose CBD oil fight csncer to work and left.Director Hong, I want to ask, can you sell me the defective powder from your factory An Hua is not a person who likes to go around in circles, so he asked 50 000 mg CBD oil directly.

Pharaoh remembered that he was still laughing at Sun Hai in the transport team, and now he looks back at An Jin with an arrogant CBD Oil For Blocked Ears face.Suddenly, do you think this is retribution An Hua didn t pay attention to the troubles between Lao can you put CBD oil on a tampon Wang s family and Lao An s family.Later, when I heard that Captain Wang s daughter was engaged to An Jin, he just sneered Retribution.She remembered clearly that Sun Hai had confirmed with the master that he was the old man of the old Wang family at the beginning.At the beginning of the year, he disclosed the news of the change of the transportation company s personnel.Just because they did this, Li Dalong, an ambitious man, planned that car accident.In this best CBD oil for arthritis back car accident, their family didn t even have any evidence to find Li Dalong to settle accounts, let alone the old Wang family who leaked the news.

The one who spoke was the middle aged CBD oil expiration CBD Oil For Blocked Ears man sitting in the first position on the left.The man had sharp eyes and sunken cheeks.There is also a deep depression in the center of the eyebrows, which shows that he is a very strict person.From his first words, Anwar sensed that he was not being respected.After the middle aged man briefly introduced An Hua s resume, the next sentence buy CBD oil illinois immediately became a question Today at the trade fair, I saw a foreign guest suddenly fell ill.Why didn t you choose to ask the staff for help in the first place Do it yourself to save people.Do you know that you are just a truck driver and are not qualified to save people at all An Hua sneered when he heard this question.when Rescue is also CBD oil 7 eleven qualified.It is estimated that this sentence is too harsh.Or maybe An Hua and the three of them looked very ugly.

As for what the lesbian said just now, we have long forgotten.After Master Jiang finished speaking, Lu Wu nodded.An Hua and Sun Kai also look like I don t know anything.In this way, the fake smile on the old man s face became a lot more sincere.With a smile, he said, It s not easy for you to make best CBD oils for cancer patients a hard trip.I ll ask Dali to weigh two pounds of cotton for each of you later.In this big winter, wear a thick cotton jacket to resist the frost.Master Jiang narrowed his eyes slightly and shook his head This is unacceptable to us.When we come out as drivers, we also serve the people.Our transportation team will distribute cotton jackets.We can t take the masses one by one.Those who came back from the army team retirement, the big truth is a set.Seeing him talking, An Hua glanced at the bodies of the two trucks.

It doesn t affect much.Yes.It was said before that they robbed some of the orders and gave them a lesson.We gave them all.They have also been honest, and now there are not many orders After this person finished speaking, the other continued Anyway, , the captain of that team is a bitch.Although it is from the state owned team, but this bitch has no ability to grab a ticket with us.Not to mention playing tricks behind the scenes.I also think that Anwar s ability is the same.In the past, the industry was so popular, didn t it rely on the Nanhua City Transportation Company behind it Now that this person leaves the state owned unit, he is almost like a paper tiger.Moreover, he sent someone to say hello, and they also stared at her for a while, but found nothing unusual.In this case, the sudden decrease in the order volume should have nothing CBD Oil For Blocked Ears to do with this Anwar.

After the results come out, give us a testimonial.Phone.Ji Mingcheng understood the seriousness of the matter and nodded You are at home, don t get those documents best CBD oil wholesale prices too late.You will save your body from burning out.Understood.After sending Ji Hongshan and An Hua away, Ji Mingcheng I went back to the parking lot and 3 ml CBD oil price continued to watch the inspections of the old masters.Of course, some of the diesel in the fuel tank was actually pumped out in the end.Master Bao specially arranged for someone to send it to the laboratory of the next chemical factory, asking them to test the diesel oil as soon as possible. After leaving the car factory, An Hua and Ji Hongshan did not directly return to the transport team, but turned the steering wheel and returned to the First People s Hospital.After arriving at the hospital, Comrade Hong Fei, who had a car accident, was rescued.

Because the Shanhai City team had something to do, she simply ran over to deal with the matter.By the way, continue to help Sister Jin to inquire.As a result, the results here did not come out.An accident happened to the convoy in the South Flower Market.The author has something to say Thanks to the little angel who voted or irrigated the nutrient solution for me where to buy CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears during 2022 06 27 23 52 32 2022 06 28 23 33 56 Thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution 18841828 2 bottles love to eat big boxes of CBD oil candy meat 1 bottle Thank you very much for your support to me, I will continue to work hard Chapter 161 The world is very small After listening to the phone, An Hua hurried back to the South Flower Market.However, when we arrived at the South Flower Market, it was already past ten o clock in the evening.

However, nothing has been achieved, does it mean that this action was problematic at the beginning Seeing this, An Hua wanted to say something.However, he finally left the waiting area.Tonight, there should be an uphill battle.Back to the security team, it is already more than 6 o clock in the evening.Seeing her coming back, Sun Kai hurriedly greeted her goudie CBD oil amazon The canteen upstairs has reserved a meal for you.Did you gain anything today At noon, Sun Kai probably came from An Hua and heard something about her at the pier An Hua shook his head Not best CBD oil for stress and anxiety yet.Ah Sun Kai stood up in surprise Why Didn t you say there must be a batch of smuggled goods After such a big battle, nothing was found Sun Kai was so surprised.This time, the customs side has been burdened with a lot of pressure.Now the action is fruitless, you can imagine everyone s mood.

Today is a good day.Ji Mingcheng s unit is on holiday, so he simply came to see the moment when An Hua won the award.For this, he also specially borrowed a camera from the unit.Master, Senior Brother Ji, good morning As soon a clean cigarette CBD oil as An tucker CBD oil Hua left the room, he saw them sitting at the dining table in the living room, chatting with An Guoqiang.When Ji Mingcheng saw An Hua coming out, he immediately stood up and walked over diligently best CBD oil for rabbits An Hua.An Hua motioned him to calm down with his eyes, and then sat down beside his mother Mom, after today s commendation ceremony is over, We ll be back early.Then, let s go out and have a meal to celebrate Huang Xiaomei It s more expensive to eat out, just eat at home.Mom is going to buy a big carp and two big pigs today.Feet.Let s have a good meal together as a family.

Anwar is not at all worried that he can t borrow money.For a while, An Hua and An Guoqiang were busy.Seeing that they were thinking about their future life so seriously, Huang Xiaomei finally brought a smile to the corner best application for CBD oil of her mouth.However, soon, the three of them were reminded by the gurgling sound of Xiao Anyu s stomach.Then I remembered that it was already past seven o are there any interactipn between CBD oil and medicationd clock in the evening, and because of things outside, I forgot to prepare dinner.Huang Xiaomei hurriedly got up and went to the cabinet to get the noodles, so buy CBD oil in springfield mo she might just eat the noodles with eggs and vegetables tonight.And just as she opened the iron door of her house, she heard a loud quarrel coming from the next door.The mess that was on the ground before was can CBD oil help joint pain CBD Oil For Blocked Ears smashed, and I don t know who cleaned it up.Empty hallways, as if nothing had CBD oil 1000mg vape happened.

On this trip back, he was going to set off directly from Nanhuashi Railway beyuna CBD oil Station.Okay.An Hua said, holding Ji Mingcheng s hand and resting his head on the other s thick shoulder.He said softly, I just bought plus CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears some gifts.You can take them back to the capital and give them to Uncle Ji, Aunt Ji and Master.Ji Mingcheng bought the items with him.He can CBD oil help with parkinson knew what An Hua bought.thing.So, he nodded, held Anwar s hand, and talked about the family s past.The two spent a few hours in the guest house until they set off directly to the South Flower Market the next day. On the Nanhua Market side, the transportation company has already had a holiday.After receiving a call are most doctors taking CBD oil from their daughter, An Guoqiang and Huang Xiaomei knew that she and Ji Mingcheng were back today.Early in the morning, I woke up happily, prepared some good dishes, and waited for the return of the two.

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An Guoqiang did not mean to stop Ji Hongshan.However, the other party said, let Anwar choose.In this way, he must pass on the experience and knowledge he has accumulated over the years of driving to his daughter as soon as possible.The conversation between the three soon stopped after more and more drivers arrived.After many drivers CBD oil and steroids came to the office, they went to An Guoqiang s side and asked him about the move.An Guoqiang had no choice but to chat with these big old men first.And An Hua was also called by his three friends.An Hua, what tasks do you have today These three young men knew that An Hua came early every day.Now grab her and ask CBD oil for arousal about the mission.A lot of the tasks today are going to the commune below.Oh, by the way, today there are tasks to deliver chicken, duck, and pig seedlings.

The most incredible thing is buy CBD oil in newnan ga that CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears arthritis foundation CBD oil she saw a familiar name from the list of the bus team.How did this person pass the assessment and enter the bus team Anwar was very puzzled.Xiaohua, have you seen an acquaintance Generally speaking, their transportation company recruits workers from the city.And every time the job is recruited, it recruits young people who have just graduated.An Hua has just graduated this year, and it is normal for some classmates to be recruited.An Hua nodded and shook his head Sister Jin, isn t this recruitment only for high school graduates When Sister Jin heard this question, she knew that the list must have made An Hua see something angel tears CBD oil tricky.However, this kind of thing happens every year.Because the leaders above always have one or two relatives who need help.If people are not very bad, there are some who are stuffed in.

As a result, as soon as she was placed in the countryside, she met her own parents in her life.But, why is this different from what I thought The village girl said that she has rough skin and eats chaff pharyngeal vegetables.Why is sutang white and clean, delicious and spicy The village girl who said it was illiterate, and her language was vulgar.Why does Su Tang actually know the text and hyphenate, and export into chapters.It is said that the rural areas favor sons over women.Why is Su Tang so spoiled by his family Hu Hua was dissatisfied.Since the adoptive parents in this city do heavy work every day, they live CBD oil types CBD Oil For Blocked Ears in cowsheds.It s time for her to recognize her CBD oil cleanser CBD Oil For Blocked Ears ancestors.Hu Hua Zuo, Zuo, found that he not only failed to recognize CBD Oil For Blocked Ears his ancestors, but also lost his adoptive parents in the end.Su Tang lay down and lay down, and found CBD essential oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears that there were a few more people who loved her.

Anwar just finished saying thank you.Then, I saw that the other party was holding a corsage in his hand, and he was in trouble.Obviously, CBD oil for parkinsons CBD Oil For Blocked Ears because of the other relationship between men and women, the male leader in front of him could not personally arrange to wear this corsage.Anwar knows this situation very well, so he is ready to say that he wears it for himself.As a result, another leader suddenly came up from behind.Director Gao, you are Calling Director Gao was obviously not Director Gao, the leader of the delegation, but another female senior comrade.There are too many people participating in the commendation this time, and there are several leaders who came to the stage to commend them.And this female high school director is a rare female leader.Therefore, it was arranged to be commended to another team with a majority of female colleagues.

The next two days may be difficult to walk.Ji Hongshan also asked Lao Wu about what specific sports cars would encounter on this route.However, without personal experience, many things cannot be said clearly.When everyone heard this, they remembered what the provincial transport team driver said in the parking lot just now, and suddenly became a little nervous.Seeing best CBD oil for ulcerative colitis CBD Oil For Blocked Ears this, An Hua smiled and said, What are you afraid of With so many of us, why are you afraid of hardships buy CBD oil online ireland After speaking, An Hua took out his bag of eggs.This egg was distributed to Liang Ting in the morning.At noon, each person who was eating was divided into 2.So far, there are 2 more.An Hua directly took out the two eggs and put them in front of Ji Hongshan Master, you didn t eat gold formula CBD oil plus it.It s yours.This sudden operation reminded everyone of the scene when An Hua gave them eggs at noon.

Seeing that only her daughter got out of the car, she stretched her head out.An Hua smiled and put the basket in can CBD oil make depression worse CBD Oil For Blocked Ears her hand Dad is still going through the shift formalities and will come over later.Mom, there is a truckload of wood in the car.Let s make room in the yard Before leaving home, An Hua Hua remembered that there was an empty space where the chicken coop was placed.Ji Hongshan came in when the mother and daughter were discussing.He didn t see it either, and when he heard this, he said directly, If there is no space available, just put it in my yard.His yard, except for some potted CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears plants, was very empty.Master When the driver who was going to CBD Oil For Blocked Ears shift came over, he saw Ji Hongshan there, ready to instruct them best CBD oil for cfs to unload the wood to Ji s house.The number of people is great, and in a short while, all the wood will be unloaded.

At this time, the state run hotel will have a blackboard hanging on CBD Oil For Blocked Ears the wall.The dishes and staples served every day will be marked on the Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears blackboard with chalk.Of course, the food stamps, meat stamps and banknotes that need to be spent will also be clearly written.Anwar uses himself 2.Eyes with 0 vision can read the words on the blackboard clearly.The braised pork, crossed out by chalk, proved to be sold out.Braised pig s trotters with peanuts, it is not crossed out, which proves that it is not sold out.Looks like buy CBD oil drops I ll be able to order one later.Looking at the entire blackboard, Anwar found that they could order three meat dishes and one vegetarian dish.The staple food is of course the favorite white rice.Thinking of these delicious food, Anwar felt his stomach drum.An Hua, you drive one car in, and the other car is left, and I ll watch it here.

She could never tell him that there would be a big news in October.The fate of all will be given a chance to change.This kind of thing, even if there is internal information, will not be known until September at the earliest.But it s early May now.Ji Mingcheng was not nervous CBD Oil For Blocked Ears when he heard the sudden silence on the other end of the phone.After having known An Hua for so long, he knew that the other party was not a liar.Therefore, when Anwar is difficult to speak, she will unconsciously choose to remain silent.In this case, Ji Mingcheng could only change the subject and chatted with her about the latest developments in the is CBD oil good for seizures province.It is estimated that due to the change of wind direction in the past few months, the recent changes in the province have been a little big.Especially those who returned from business trips in coastal cities such as Haicheng and Yangcheng, felt even more deeply.

In the future, learn more from An Hua An Hua Captain Sun is hating himself again.Sure enough, when Sun Kai heard what his father said, and remembered the days when he was dominated by An Hua since childhood, his face darkened instantly.Okay, okay, we re here to take part in the assessment to get the quota.The best way to beat the opponent is to grab all the quotas.Seeing Sun Kai s puffed up look, An Hua hurriedly said a few words.When the assessment starts, you all have to how long for CBD oil to take effect do your best to kill the guys just now.When we go to the province to participate in the drag training class, it will be the best way to CBD Oil For Blocked Ears slap the face.Three The young man also knew that Anwar s words made sense.Just being scolded by someone s nose just now, a high quality CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears young heart is always easily dominated by anger.Seeing that they finally started to focus on the next assessment, An Hua breathed a sigh of relief.

Dad, this Does the Wealth of Nations agree An absorption of CBD oil vs water soluble CBD Tieniu wouldn t say that he best prices for only CBD oil for pain forgot to ask, but just nodded Hurry up and send the money to that girl Anhua s film.Anyway, that s also the house of the Wealth of Nations eldest brother CBD Oil For Blocked Ears best CBD isolate powder to oil Hu Aidi didn t want to pay back the money.The money in her pocket has no reason to go out.Just looking at the old man, gritted his teeth.Thinking of Guofu as a driver, he will have a salary, commodity grain to eat, and a building to live in.In the end, he still dragged his heavy steps back to the house to find money.Seeing this, Huang Caozi rubbed his teeth and flowers Old man, where does Guofu have money An Tieniu flicked the cigarette ash on the ground, and snorted coldly No Guofu, Guofu s daughter in law does Waiting for An Hua to see Hu Aidi With several aunts and aunts, he was about to beat gongs and drums.

You bring the rest to the car When An Hua heard that he was going to bring more than 20 eggs, he quickly said, Dad, the weather is so hot.With so many eggs, it won t last for two days.Of course, An Guoqiang knew the weather, and the eggs would not last long.This is not for you to eat alone.When you get to the meeting place, you can deal with the drivers or staff around you.At that time, don t you have a good impression by giving people two eggs or something Anguo What Qiang is most worried about is that her daughter, as a female driver, will participate in such a large scale mission this time.In particular, I have to cooperate with people from adhd medication and CBD oil the provincial transportation company, and I am very worried that someone will look down on my daughter.Other male drivers went out and met other drivers.

And those members of their South Flower City Transportation Association, aren t they all upstarts CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears Judging from the fact that the car boss surnamed Huang, who is leading today, CBD oil cleanser CBD Oil For Blocked Ears has such a close relationship with the boss Luo of the disco, you can see how deep the things involved sunsoil CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears here are.An Hua, don t think so much.Didn t Captain Wu say this, is it a joint investigation between their terminal and the customs You should think about where to find those semi trailers that are missing Ji Mingcheng mentioned this, An Hua Hua had a headache.To place an order for a semi trailer now, I have to wait until the end of the year to mention the car.At present, I really can only find a peer to rent a car and borrow a car.Immediately, orders from the Superman toy factory are coming like snowflakes.At that time, their safety team must hold on.

The factory mainly produces various kinds of cotton and linen fabrics, among which, the best selling labor cloth.For example, these new types of fabrics, such as really good, the output is relatively small.After the two large trucks successfully entered the textile factory, Ling Haiyang drove An Hua straight to the warehouse.Anwar has only been to this place once, Not very familiar with the environment here.The car arrived at the door of the warehouse, and a middle aged man in a pen style cadre outfit walked alex trebek CBD oil scam out of the warehouse.Ocean, I will arrange for you to pick up the goods today The middle aged man was the director of the warehouse, surnamed Ou.Ling Haiyang s father was the workshop director of a textile factory.Therefore, many cadres and workers in the textile factory are very familiar with him.

What did I say Isn t it just that Shanhai City has urgent global green CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears business to deal with, do you have to go with the uncle first Go It should be at a critical period there.If the Shanhai City transportation market is thrown away now, I will I m worried that it will be difficult to get it back in the future.Although he was not directly involved in the management of the team, Ji Mingcheng knew a CBD Oil For Blocked Ears lot of things.Seeing that Ji Mingcheng was so considerate of himself, An Hua said guiltily After this matter is settled, let s go back to Beijing to celebrate the New Year this CBD oil auckland year.Ji Mingcheng knew that An Hua was going to does CBD oil help with covid make up for it.Although he felt that the family did not need to care so much.It s just that An Hua CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears has this idea, and it s not a bad thing.As a husband, he must fully support him.Okay, it s all right.

Unexpectedly, at this critical juncture, instead of staying in the four major transportation companies and cooperating with the relevant departments, Boss Jiang ran to her instead.Could it be that this surnamed Jiang thought he could help him bring him back to life Boss Jiang could clearly hear the sarcasm in An Hua s words.In fact, in this day s time, he has already experienced the process of falling from heaven to hell in his life.At this time, I came to find this powerful boss An, just to beg the other party to help.See if you can save CBD oil tampons the company.Boss An, I came here this time to ask you something.Next, An Hua heard a secret about the capital flow of the four major transportation companies.It turned out that this boss Jiang has been unsuccessful since competing with An Hua for many orders.

An Hua heard his words about our truck, and his scalp tightened for some reason.Looking at the smiling face of the other party, I felt that I was too sensitive.Still, Ji Hongshan couldn t see it, and said directly No one from our transportation company has been to this Sanhe Brigade before, so it would be better to bring more people over to have a look.Don t forget about the farm in the province last time.Fortunately, the four of you are best CBD oil fir anxiety here, so things didn t come out.Mingcheng has no other advantages, that is, he is older than you and has more experience.When Ji Mingcheng heard the uncle s words, his 9 truths about CBD oil heart was filled.He is only 23 years old, Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears where is he But Anwar remembered what happened to the provincial farm last time.On the day of the incident, she reported to Ji Hongshan after returning to the transportation company for shift work.

Moreover, let the captain and the village accountant estimate the area of the damaged farmland.Their transport team will compensate.Listening to An Hua s soft spoken conversation with those farming people, Fang Weiwei felt very uncomfortable.This was completely different from what she had originally envisioned.Before she came back for the selection exam, Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears she heard that the team s new captain was a lesbian.He also secretly rejoiced that it was a good time to meet this time.Aren t lesbians supposed to help each other However, this team leader, An Hua, treats himself the same as other gay men.Moreover, the accident just now was not intentional The team s master didn t teach himself, what should I do in such best place to get CBD oil eugene oregon a situation An Hua didn t know Fang Weiwei s thoughts.If he knew, he would definitely slap her directly.

When the firecrackers sound, the new year will come.This is the first New Year that Anwar has passed since he crossed over.On the first CBD oil for cellulitis day of the new year, An Hua put on the snow white woolen coat given by Aunt Liu, held his younger brother s hand, and began to pay New Year s greetings to several close families in the staff building.These families have been CBD oil and magnesium friends with An Guoqiang for more than ten years.An Hua went to these people s homes to pay New Year s greetings, best vape for CBD oil reddit and naturally received a red envelope from the other party.After the first pass, when I returned home, there were already many children from the staff building in the living room who came to pay New Year s greetings.After a group of these children came, hemp 750 CBD oil Huang Xiaomei filled their pockets with candy and melon seeds one by one.

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Hearing that An Hua asked about this, his eyebrows moved.Moving Are you wanting to move An Hua nodded honestly The staff building hemp oil or CBD oil is busy, a small courtyard is better Ji Hongshan thought that he had persuaded An Hua several Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears times to move, and the other party said to think about it.She didn t expect this to happen, but she made up her mind.I ll go back and find out for you.After getting Ji Hongshan s answer, An Hua nodded and asked Ji Mingcheng by the way.Oh, Mingcheng CBD oil dog anxiety dosage I woke up at four o clock today, and rushed to the provincial automobile factory as soon as it was dawn.What Ji Hongshan didn t say was that when Ji Mingcheng returned to his house yesterday, he walked around in the yard, walking around.An hour or two.It seems that he is worried about Anwar.This silly boy Thanks to Senior Brother Ji for helping me yesterday.

The straight line distance from the transportation company is about ten kilometers., can fully meet the needs of practice.Okay Feng Jun, a tall and thin man, said happily.When the other five saw this, they nodded and said that they would work hard to perform in a while.An Hua gestured with his eyes to Feng Jun s master 30ml CBD oil holland and barrett to follow.She didn t dare to let these newcomers drive CBD oil for dogs petsmart CBD Oil For Blocked Ears and practice alone.That s really a life threatening game.Because of the shortage of vehicles.There are six newcomers here, and only three trucks are provided.The rest are led by their respective masters.He stepped Doctor Recommended CBD Oil For Blocked Ears back to the side of the truck.An Hua, on the other hand, was standing on this suburban road.He glanced around and saw that there was no one on the road.He raised his hand and waved.On the other tacoma farms CBD oil CBD Oil For Blocked Ears side, Feng Jun, who had successfully started the truck, began to slowly Accelerate and start driving towards the place Anwar pointed.

This speed, for beginners, is very safe.For a driver like Su Mingkang who has CBD Oil For Blocked Ears grown up, it s a bit of a breakdown.Along the way, although occasionally how fast does CBD oil kick in for dogs CBD Oil For Blocked Ears a pedestrian would suddenly rush to the q sciences CBD oil reviews front of the truck, Sun Lihua screamed and stepped on the brakes.However, anyway, finally arrived safely at the clothing factory.An Hua wiped the sweat from his forehead.In winter, the sweat was frightened by Sun Lihua s scream.This girl is not very good mentally.The person who received them at the clothing factory was not Director Bai of the warehouse, but Director Liang.When Director Liang saw An Hua, his eyes lit up.He walked over with CBD oil rub CBD Oil For Blocked Ears a smile, stretched out his hand and patted An Hua on the shoulder Haha, Comrade An, you have come to our factory.As he spoke, his eyes wandered around.An Hua knew what this meant at a glance, and said with a smile Cui Jingping went on a mission with other drivers today.

Can You Put CBD Oil In Your Ear For Relief? A Detailed Guide

When you need rapid ear support in the middle of the night — CBD oil drops are effective and if you don’t have CBD oil drops — there’s a simple DIY option most households already have available sitting on the pantry shelf.

For fast natural ear relief for mild ear issues, add warm drops of olive oil, coconut oil, or CBD oil inside the ear canal — with or w/o a Q-Tip. Before adding anything in your ear, make absolute sure there’s nothing lodged in there or something worse. I use MedTerra’s Unflavored Broad-Spectrum CBD oil because there’s no THC, only two ingredients (cannabinoids & MCT oil), and gave me instant relief.

Below, I’ll tell you my quick story of how I decided to put CBD oil directly inside of my ear.

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What’s The Best CBD Oil Ear Drops?

After several years of trying different CBD oils and brands, my honest opinion is MedTerra’s Ultra Broad-Spectrum (Check Pricing).

I give this specific CBD oil to friends & family and use it on my child when she’s in immediate need.

Not only can you put unflavored CBD oil inside of your ear canal, you can also put it behind the ear, or nearly any dry skin areas for quick relief of mild irritations.

  • I use MedTerra’s Ultra Broad-Spectrum, first of all — because the lab tests consistently show there’s no detectable amounts of THC. ** Meaning it’s safe and legal in Idaho **
  • Second, the unflavored one only has two organic ingredients — cannabinoids and MCT (coconut oil).
  • No added flavor or other irritating ingredients.
  • Pure clean effective CBD ear drops.

My mom likes buying CBD with flavoring.

However, I personally only buy the unflavored CBD tinctures because I can use it for several different applications.

Flavored CBD oils (with essential oils) probably should not be put on an open wound or in your ear.

Strawberry Mint or Citrus flavored CBD oils might irritate the inner ear or cause it to sting.

Flavored oils may taste great, but for practical emergency use, I only buy unflavored Broad-Spectrum.

Are There Any Other Natural Things Available At Home You Can Use — If You Don’t Have Unflavored CBD Oil?

The internet is chalked full of natural ear support remedies.

Some sources recommend simmering garlic into olive/coconut oil. Me personally, I’m not sure if I quite like the idea of making something that seemingly complicated at home and trying it my first time without the aid of an expert.

  • Alternating heating pad and ice pack – for ears (Heating pad & ice pack)
  • Chiropractic adjustments. (More Information Source)
  • Naturopathic ear drops from herb extracts. (More Information Source)
  • Change sleep position
  • Slow neck rotation exercises

If one solution doesn’t make your ear start operating normally, keep trying different methods until you find what works for you.

Are people actually putting CBD oil directly inside of their ear?

I put CBD directly inside of my ear and it works great!

Before I put CBD oil inside of my ear, I asked several parents if they’ve done it.

Several parents from various CBD groups on Facebook responded very positively and even have put CBD oil inside of their little one’s ear.

Before attempting to experiment with putting CBD oil drop directly inside your ear, it may be wise to first speak with your primary health care practitioner.

The only warnings I found was there could be something lodged inside of your ear your inner ear could be damaged, or something worse.

I’ve only used CBD oil inside of my ear for mild earaches and I’ve put CBD oil behind my little one’s ear with it gets dry.

A Brief Caution Before Putting Anything Directly Inside Of Your Ear.

Before putting anything inside you or your child’s ear, it’s best to have your doctor directly LOOK inside the ear.

  • Make sure there’s not something “lodged” inside.
  • Check for inner ear deterioration.
  • Verify there’s not a tear in the eardrum.

And potentially other reasons.

My Personal Story Putting CBD Oil Directly Inside Of My Ear.

A few months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to my inner ear itching, pulsating, and feeling kind of hot! Instinctively, I stuck my pinky finger in my ear and itched it a bit a few times.

It didn’t help and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep, due to the throbbing sensation on the entire left half of my head.

Then, I got the idea to maybe put CBD oil drops inside of my actual ear — because that’s all I had — it was worth a shot.

Since it was still the middle of the night, I knew I had to be careful, slow down, and think this through.

As I started thinking this through, I recall my little one was sick with a cough, and as I was carrying her around through the day I remember her coughing directly into my left ear.

This got me thinking that there was probably not something lodged inside causing the pain and my eardrum probably wasn’t torn or punctured.

Very carefully, I took a Q-Tip and gently cleaned out a giant nasty piece of ear wax.

Upon taking out a massive chunk of earwax, the throbbing/itching feeling was still there, with no relief.

I started thinking that CBD was about the only thing I was going to consider putting in my ear.

The very next question was HOW am I going to put CBD in my ear?

I had a few bottles of “natural” CBD oil tinctures, that didn’t have any flavors, sugars, or other additives.

I felt like a basic simple CBD oil was the safest option to proceed in getting some CBD oil in my ear.

My next thoughts, do I just turn my head sideways and try to let a few drops slide down and inside of my ear.

No. I didn’t really like the idea of having too much liquid rolling around on the inside of my ear.

Finally, I got the bright idea to add a few little drops of CBD oil onto a Q-Tip and gently dab on the inside of my ear where I thought the pain was coming from.

Low and behold, I only did this once (maybe twice) and my ear felt like it returned back to at least 80% normal feeling and function, basically instantly.


I then cleaned up my little mess, I laid back down, and I was able to quickly (and very happily) go back to sleep.

Upon waking up the next day, I did one more quick little application of CBD oil in my ear (using a Q-Tip) and my inner ear was pretty much all the way back to working and feeling normal.

Can you put CBD oil in your ear?

Short answer. Yes!

You can put CBD oil directly inside of your ear, but, you should probably exercise a wee-bit more caution that I did.

After doing a little bit of research, I came to understand why I probably should have taken a little bit more caution.

When I decided to put CBD oil drops in my ear, I should have exercised more caution.

But, I wanted relief NOW and I literally could not sleep due to the THROBBING itchy hot sensation pealing the left half of my face off.

So, I was as cautious as I could be and utilized the tools I had readily available and I took a little risk and it paid off.

Looking back, it would have been wise to have someone take a quick look inside my ear before putting CBD oil inside.

How to put CBD inside of your ear?

Below, I’ll walk you through the method that I used to put CBD oil drops inside of my ear without any problems.

As mentioned above, proceed with extreme caution.

  1. Make sure there’s nothing lodged in your ear.
  2. Consult your doctor or purchase a cheap endoscope to look inside your ear yourself.
  3. Gently clean your ear out with a Q-Tip cotton swab.
  4. Place 2-3 drops of CBD oil on the Q-Tip cotton swab.
  5. Slowly start dabbing the inside of your ear canal.
  6. Repeat as necessary until normal function returns.

There might be other ways of getting CBD oil inside of your ear, however, this was the best way I could think of how to do it safely.

Below, I did some more deep research on normal ear function and how to restore healthy inner ear activity.

Throughout the article below, I scoured the internet to find any and all the information I could to prepare for the worst ear disfunction that could crop up.

I like being prepared. I don’t like to wait until the morning to visit the doctor. And I REALLY like having everything I need at home to quickly return my body functions back to normal operation.

  • Links on where to buy a diverse range of natural ear support aids
  • Explanations of some of the natural products that can restore normal function
  • Causes of your ear not functioning normally.
  • A review of some medical journals and normal ear function

Without further delay, let’s dive into some of the more specific research on normal ear function and how to keep your inner ear operating properly.

What causes the ear to stop functioning like it should?

According to the United States Department Of Health & Human Services, the most common reason why children visit the physician is due to Otitis Media (middle ear inflammation) with or without fluid.

Healthline reveals ear infection is bacterial (or something else) and may not require prescription medication – to find relief.

According to Drugs.com, around 80% (or more) of ear infection will go away on their own.

Nutrition and nutrient deficiencies preventing normal ear function

Medical Journal devoted to pediatrics, Annals Of Tropical Paediatrics, provides evidence for pathology (cause and effect) of the middle ear, acute, and Otitis Media.

Healthy Hearing lists other potential nutrients to help restore normal ear function.

  • Zinc.
  • Vitamin A.
  • Magnesium.
  • Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid).

In another article, I looked up every common fruit and vegetable and made a chart of all the 33 different nutrients in these whole foods. If you have a nutrient deficiency, you can download the PDF to the nutrients in the fruits and vegetable chart.

Direct nutrient chart PDF download: Download & print a PDF spreadsheet (table)

What are the prescription ear infection remedies?

InformedHealth.org reports OTC (over the counter) ear drops lack any evidence suggesting they work better than a prescription-only ear infection drop.

On Drugs.com, provides a list of 29 prescription drops for Otitis Externa (external ear canal inflammation, redness, and/or swelling) with patient reviews.

  • Mild irritation.
  • Discomfort.
  • Dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Earache.
  • Changes in taste.
  • Potential allergic reaction.
  • Rash.
  • Itching.
  • Swelling (face, tongue, throat).
  • Trouble breathing.
  • And potentially much more.

What are the different types of ear infections?

Types of ear infections are determined by a doctor giving an examination via a pus lab analysis or in some instances – a CT (Computerized Tomography) scan may be required.

  • Acute mastoiditis. (Ear bone infection).
  • Ear herpes zoster. (Infected auditory nerve via herpes zoster virus).
  • Infections myringitis. (Eardrum inflammation – viral or bacterial).
  • Otitis externa. (Ear canal inflammation or infection).
  • Otitis media. (Cold triggered or Eustachian tube blockage).
  • Serous otitis media. (Fluid or pus build-up via middle ear).
  • Vestibular neuronitis. (Inflamed vestibular nerve – typically a viral infection)

What are the symptoms of ear infections?

Ear infection symptoms vary based on the type of ear infection your doctor’s diagnosis.

  • Ear pain.
  • Discharge from the ear.
  • Fever.
  • Outer ear itching.
  • Muffled sound or mild deafness.
  • Appetite loss.
  • Outer ear or ear canal blistering.
  • Hearing buzzing or humming noises in the ear.
  • Loss of balance (vertigo).
  • And potentially more.

Make a list of your symptoms before speaking with your healthcare physician about the best course.

What are the causes of ear infections?

Causes of ear infections can be either viral, bacterial, or something else.

Research indicates that children are more likely to contract on inner/middle ear infection if they’re using a dummy pacifier, close interactions with other children (nursery, daycare, school), formula-fed “not” breastfed directly from the mother, or exposed to tobacco smoke.

  • Cold.
  • Flu.
  • Sore throat.
  • Similar infection.
  • Virus.
  • Bacteria.
  • Respiratory infection.
  • Air pressure changes (airline travel).
  • Blocked Eustachian tube or smaller in size than what’s average.
  • Cleft palate (opening/slit in the roof of the mouth).
  • Swimming in dirty water.
  • Not properly drying outer ears.
  • Excessive ear cleaning – scratching sensitive tissues inside.
  • And potentially more.

An inner ear infection typically occurs when a bacteria or virus makes its way inside the throat and causes the mucous membranes to get inflamed – causing more fluid.

Inflammation, swelling, also will occur in the ear membrane lining, Eustachian tube (middle ear canal connecting to the throat).

When these areas are swollen, extra fluid can “not” drain out.

With the building up of secreted fluid in the middle ear then begins to push on the eardrum.

Inflammation and fluid build-up pushing on the eardrum may begin to cause pain and make normal hearing diminish.

There are other ways the ear area can block the middle ear and trigger an increase of infection such as enlarged adenoids (tissue behind the nose, high up in the throat), allergic reaction, and sinus inflammation.

These conditions can cause a domino effect and potentially leading to swelling of the inner ear.

Are ear infections contagious?

An ear infection, by itself, are “not’ contagious.

However, according to Health Line, the bacteria or virus causing the infection might have a contagious component – such as the flu or cold or other types of conditions that are contagious.

Can you still get an ear infection if you have tubes?

According to WebMD, you can still get an ear infection if you have tubes, however, it’s not as common.

An ear infection with tubes typically won’t cause you to lose your hearing and will typically go away on its own or with an ear drop.

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