which cbd oil is best for anxiety

The role of cannabis in treating anxiety: an update

Purpose of review: Cannabis use for medical purposes has become increasingly common, including as treatment for mental health disorders such as anxiety. Unfortunately, the evidence examining its use in mental health has been slow to evolve, but is emerging. Given the widespread use of cannabis, it is important for both clinicians and those who suffer with anxiety to understand the effects of cannabis on symptoms of anxiety. In this review, we present recent, available evidence from animal models, clinical trials, and survey studies and evaluate the contribution of these studies to the current understanding of the role of cannabis in treating anxiety.

Recent findings: In reviewing recent evidence, we observed significant inconsistencies across findings from preclinical studies. Large-scale surveys suggest that cannabis may be effective in reducing anxiety, however, these results stand in contrast to equivocal findings from clinical trials.

Summary: The literature evaluating the efficacy of cannabis in anxiety disorders is in its infancy. The survey data is generally positive. Although, while some animal studies posit cannabis constituents to have anxiolytic effects, others suggest the opposite or null results. Few new clinical trials have been conducted recently, and the extant trials have significant flaws in methodology. Although anecdotal evidence from survey studies, and a small signal found in animal studies and single-dose clinical trials provide early support that cannabis may be effective for alleviating anxiety, ultimately, the current evidence is equivocal. More high-quality clinical trials must be published before sound conclusions regarding the efficacy of cannabis for treating anxiety can be drawn.

7 CBD Oils That Will Help Ease Your Anxiety

There are plenty of ways to deal with anxiousness or stress using modern medicine, breathing exercises, diet, exercise and meditation. But as it turns out, one of your best options might actually be cannabidiol (aka CBD), the non-intoxicating chemical found in cannabis. While the pain relief aspects are widely known, it’s a lesser known fact that CBD is useful for acne, cancer, and yes, anxiety and depression. Whether you’re taking them under tongue (sublingually) or mixed with your favorite beverage, these are the best CBD oils that will help ease your anxiety.

Blue Moon Hemp Tru Blu Peppermint CBD Tincture

Described by all the reputable CBD review sources as having a foundation of good ethics and accessible price points, Blue Moon Hemp has been producing “wellness supplements” for as long as CBD has been something worth reporting on. What really separates this tincture from the other options, including the ones that Blue Moon Hemp offers, is the natural peppermint flavor. That’s right, Blue Moon Hemp Tru Blu Peppermint CBD Tincture is made with 250mg of CBD, cold-pressed virgin hemp-seed oil and natural peppermint flavor that doesn’t just make it palatable, it makes it delicious. $15

Extract Labs CBD Tincture

There are a lot of things to love about Extract Labs. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado. They’re a full-service hemp extraction lab that uses American grown industrial hemp to formulate their own proprietary line of CBD products. They’re also combat veteran owned. All great things, and we haven’t even touched on their great CBD Tincture. Made with a base of fractionated coconut oil, this high-quality tincture can be taken sublingually (or applied topically) for CBD’s wide range of uses. Even better, it’s available in both 15ml or 30ml dropper bottles so you can get your individual dose right without having to worry about measuring. $35

Receptra Health and Wellness Pure Hemp CBD Oils

After years of experience with it, there’s no denying the fact that CBD oil is one of the most effective and best hemp products out there. If you’re looking for one of the best of the best when it comes to CBD oils, look no further than Receptra Health and Wellness. Available in either a Prime (22mg per dropper) or Plus (44mg per dropper) concentration, along with three different sizes (0.5oz, 1oz, or 2oz), Receptra Health and Wellness Pure Hemp CBD oils are perfect for the CBD newbie or the person that depends on the treatment for much needed relief. $40

Ambary Gardens Full Spectrum Water Soluble Rapid Delivery 150

With local farms and processing facilities in Colorado, Ambary Gardens is one of those most highly rated and well respected producers of CBD products in the industry. We’d happily recommend any of their wide range of CBD products for anxiety, but we’re particularly fond of the Ambary Gardens Full Spectrum Water Soluble Rapid Delivery 150 tincture you see here. In addition to being effective and having one of the highest percentages of CBD bio-availability on the market, these drops are water soluble, which means they’ll blend perfectly into any beverage you want to mix them with—even if it’s just good, ole’ H2O. $50

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Softgels

Floyd Landis, the former American professional road racing cyclist, was renowned as an all-around rider with skills in climbing, time-trialing, and descending, but he also suffered with chronic pain and depression. Rather than deal with opioids or their harmful side effects, he started Floyd’s of Leadville, a company focused on the healing effects of CBD products like some of the best CBD creams and these CBD softgels. Unlike other options on this list, these CBD oil supplements combine all the healing effects of natural CBD Hemp Oil with an easy-to-use delivery mechanism—softgel pills—that doesn’t require droppers under the tongue or funky flavors. $60

DaCrema Botanicals Flavored Sublingual Drops

Anxiety. Panic Attacks. OCD. Migraines. Social Anxiety Disorder. Muscle Pain. DaCrema Botanicals Flavored Sublingual Drops can help with the treatment or alleviation of all of these issues or symptoms with 600mg of CBD of CBD in this 10ml bottle. Full spectrum hemp oils from different regions to enhance flavor and achieve maximum bio-availability. Conveniently portable container with easy-to-use dropper. Effective solution that alleviates almost everything that ails you. And yet, despite all those positive aspects, the one thing we can’t stop talking about is the subtle almond flavor that makes this one of the few CBD oil options you won’t dread taking every day. $79